Single sign-on (SSO)
  • 30 Aug 2022
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Single sign-on (SSO)

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Article summary

Campos supports the following protocols:

  • OpenID Connect
  • SAML2

OpenID Connect

1. Add a new client to your Identity provider and register the following Redirect-URIs:

  • (Test-System)

2. For the unique identification of users at least one of the following claims have to be exported:

  • sub
  • oid
    • It is recommended to use a stable ID that never changes (like a GUID) and avoid unstable attributes like email address (may change on marriage).

3. For the on-the-fly creation of users when sining in for the first time, following additional claims are needed:

  • email
  • given_name
  • family_name
  • locale (optional)

4. Communicate following information to

  • authority-URL (OAuth 2.0 Endpoint)
  • newly created client ID for CAMPOS


1. Communicate the entityID (authority-URL) to

2. We will add your identity provider and give you the URL for the SAML metadata XML. It will look like<YourAuthScheme> 

3. Import the metadata XML

4. Typical claim rules:

  • User-Principal-Name -> email
  • Given-Name -> given_name
  • Surname -> family_name
  • ObjectGUID -> Name ID

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